Shellac Burn Baby!


I am an Abstract Artist based in Atlanta, GA known for intuitive and atmospheric paintings as well as colorful florals. I draw inspiration from nature, color play, patterns and recently aerial views of waters, rivers and open land.

"Painting is about feelings and I want people to draw different conclusions and interpretations when they see my work."

Throughout my practice I continue to create using diverse materials from encaustic medium, oil, shellac, cold wax and photos. My most recent body of work includes Inks and resins on different surfaces. Always working with the "unpredictable" triggers a creative response, a rush of pushing the boundaries of the materials, color play and spontaneity. My mark making has become more intuitive, creating a history with the intention of drawing the viewer in.

Moving from floral and water images to more organic abstractions of flowing water, to colorful flower shapes and patterns along with intuitive abstractions using calming color palettes. This is what inspires me.

Born in Montreal, raised in Connecticut, I started my artistic career with a full scholarship to Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre in New York City before moving on to commercial photography. Influential artists are Georgia O'keefe, Irving Penn, Michael David, Alan Katz, Mapplethorpe, Lawrence Carroll, Betsy Eby and Joyce Tenneson. I am in the studio daily working on my paintings when not shooting for a commercial client.


Burning off the sides